Veterans Day in Duluth, GA

Duluth Knows How to Honor Veterans

This morning I had an appointment in Duluth.  It was the perfect morning out there although it was awfully chilly for this time of year.  That bright blue sky was the perfect way to set my mood for the day.  As I drove toward Duluth, I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a typical suburban Monday morning.  As I got closer to the downtown area I saw a new version of what has become a twice yearly tradition in Duluth before Memorial Day and Veterans Day.  White crosses with names of veterans and the wars in which they fought line the main thoroughfares in Duluth.  This year, bright, new flags, mark each of the monuments.  It really is impressive.

This photo shows just how great each memorial looks.  I saw names of people from World War I, World War II, Korea, VietNam and Iraq.  That was just on a quick drive through Duluth.  There were lots of men’s names, but I noticed several women remembered as well. 

I have no idea who came up with this idea, but the tradition has been alive and well for many years.  It really has an impact on me.  Somehow it puts those numbers we read in history books or hear in the local media in perspective.  All those flags…..and only those who were from Duluth… many more would there be if all of Georgia did this?

Duluth has lots of festivals and really knows how to make residents and visitors feel welcome.  This tradition to honor Veterans should become a family tradition for many who need to put our freedom in perspective for the young and remind the rest of us that those who fought are not forgotten and how important our freedom is.

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