Gwinnett County Parks Ranked First in the State

Exciting News for Harbins Park

Exciting news everyone: For the year 2010, Georgia Recreation and Park Association (GRPA) recognized Gwinnett County Park systems as the number one park system in the state. Our parks have also received recognition on the national level from the National Recreation and Park Association. Gwinnett County sports some of the best parks you can find in Georgia. You can’t beat them. Trust me.

A walking trail at Harbins Park

This is especially true for Harbins Park in Dacula, opened in 2009. Harbins Park is the largest of Gwinnett’s top-notch recreational spaces, and covers 1,960 acres. In January, commissioners approved a contract to complete the second stage in developing the park as a leisure space for Gwinnett residents. The $409,800 contract comes from the 2005 SPLOST funds (In Georgia, counties can levy a special purpose local- option sales tax – SPLOST –to build/improve roads, schools, parks and other public facilities). Our tax dollars helped fund this wonderful improvement to Gwinnett County. I know I’ve seen tons of families connect with their neighbors at local parks like this one. There’s nothing better than watching your kids play a sport or even going for a run. I personally think it’s great to see Gwinnett using our taxes in a way that builds such strong community.

With stage two for developing the park, we can look forward to a multi-purpose field complex for soccer, football, and lacrosse, a three-acre dog park, a playground, a pavilion and paved trails. Look for these projects to be completed by Summer 2012. The contract also provides for a softball/baseball complex featuring seven lighted fields that will be open for use in 2013. This is good news not only for local residents who can access great additions to the park, but also for Archer HS. Archer opened in 2009 and pulled in students who previously attended Grayson HS, Dacula HS, and Central Gwinnett HS. This new school’s athletic program has access to the latest facilities at Harbins Park, and will have access to the projects completed after stage two. I didn’t find this out until I did a bit of research on the park, but it sounds like a win for the students at Archer.

When stage one of the park was completed in 2009, the park featured miles of trails for mountain biking, hiking, and riding horses. It also sported a large tri-level playground for children, as well as an exclusive equestrian-only parking area. I only see stage two making the park better and providing a diversity of leisure activities for those visiting the park. I might even have to hit those new trails myself when they’re done.

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(Photo courtesy of Tim W Lee on Fickr/Creative Commons)

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