Gwinnett County Provides 2nd Largest 4-H Club in GA

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I grew up in Rural America.  Life was very different there 40 years ago than it is now, but one opportunity was offered to us that leveled the playing field just a little as we went on to compete for jobs and a comfortable lifestyle with “the city kids”.  For nine years, I was a very active member of a 4-H club.  I learned public speaking skills, leadership skills, was able to travel to compete at state and national levels.  Though the programs have changed to adapt to today’s lifestyles and urban culture, many of those basic skill sets are still needed and are very much a part of the program.

As a part of this legacy, Gwinnett County supports the 2nd largest 4-H program in Georgia. It focuses on producing well-rounded young adults by giving them hands on experiences and an environment of supportive peers.

4-H provides various projects in the areas of science, leadership, sports/recreation, public speaking, health/ nutrition or human development. The fun does not stop there. Members have the chance to compete in local, district, state and national competitions where they show off their projects. There are also events where they can enter as a team to be judged. Also, 4-H offers various leadership programs, community service opportunities and clubs for a variety of interests. Youth can earn various awards and recognition. As they get older, members have the chance to receive scholarships to help pay for college.

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Kids from ages 6th-12th grade can participate in the program. Gwinnett County has a wealth of activities to offer young people. Some of them include 4-H Counsels, Conferences and Retreats, Community Service, Cotton Ball/ Consumer Jamboree, and Forestry Field Day. A breakdown of these specific events can be found here.  One of Gwinnett County’s prominent clubs is the Gwinnett County 4-H Horse Club. This club focuses on providing information to members about horses, provides several horse-related field trips throughout the year, promotes leadership within the club, and requires horse-related community service. If you have a child who loves horses, this could be the place for them! Dues are only $10 annually, and the meetings are once a month. All levels of horse interest are welcome. Finally, 4-H offers three forums, the 4-H Medical Forum, the 4-H Code of Conduct Forum, and the Gwinnett County General Release Forum. To check out more on Horse Club and the forums, click here and scroll down to the appropriate heading.

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It’s great to see that Gwinnett County has so many ways for our youth to be involved in broad spectrum of leadership and extracurricular activities. It’s fortunate that 4-H is so well established in our county. Geogia 4-H’s moto is, “A world in which youth and adults learn, grow and work together as catalysts for positive change.” (Georgia 4-H website). I hope that you find a way to involve your family in these great opportunities.  It’s great to see young people achieving and working together in a positive environment like 4-H! If you’d really like to learn more about other great opportunities in Gwinnett, check out my website and look under the Gwinnett Living tab. Gwinnett County offers so many great things to help us continue to learn and improve our lives.

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