GGC Brings Competitive Higher Education to Gwinnett

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Gwinnet County’s newest four year college, Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC), offers residents new facilities and a competitive learning environment. GGC has been open as of August 18, 2006 as the first new four-year public college created in Georgia in more than 100 years. It’s also the first new four-year public college created in the US in the 21st century. For the 2009-10 school year, GGC reported an enrollment of 3000, with a diverse range of students making up the student body.  Of the 3000, 1500 were freshman. A relatively equal number of males and female attend the college, 52.4% and 47.6% respectively. GGC is also very accommodating for those who need to go to school while working, with 30% of their students attending classes part-time. Even the ages among GGC students are very diverse, with over 30% of their enrolled students between the ages of 23-44. The college is great for anyone, no matter what age, to get a degree. There are 12 degree programs, including business, biology, criminal justice, information technology, early childhood education, English, history and psychology (for a full list, visit the Academics page).

The campus currently occupies more than 200 wooded acres off of University Parkway in Gwinnett. The facilities were planned and built with an infrastructure made to support the college’s educational technology demands. Each classroom has the same technological capabilities, permitting any class to be taught in any classrooms with the utmost effectiveness. Since GGC is the most recently constructed college in the state, all of its current and future buildings have been constructed to house the latest technology. The integrated, technologically superior learning center includes all of the vital functions necessary for students, staff and faculty to complete their daily schedules in an open environment. Classrooms, computer labs and offices form the external ring of Building B, the college’s signature building, while the library computer commons and research areas are located within its core. An open, three-story ring separates the two sections while providing formal and informal areas to study for fluid learning, along with a café, dining atrium and amenities for social events. Building A contains the bookstore and a food court in addition to classrooms, laboratories, a testing center and other administrative areas.

In 2008, GGC opened a fitness center complete with a large gym/basketball court, game room, track, and a pool. Another area contains stationary bikes, free weights, Nautilus equipment, and treadmills. For more fun, there are three racquetball courts. A huge new library opened in 2010.  During the spring semester of 2010, Phase I of student housing opened to more than 200 students, and by the 2011-2012 school year, approximately 2,000 students will be able to live on the campus. In the near future, GGC hopes to build a parking garage, and student center with a fully functional cafeteria. A new educational building and an allied health and science building are anticipated in the next 5 years.

It’s wonderful to see such a modern, competitive college come to Gwinnett. If you are considering Gwinnett County as a place to live, you can’t beat the wonderful higher education options like GGC—they are affordable, diverse, and local. If you’d like more information on moving to Gwinnett County, and all we have to offer, visit my website. You’ll find lots of information to help you, as well as more information on Gwinnett County living.  For more information on GGC, check out their home page.

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