Aurora Theater Celebrates Gwinnett’s Hispanic Community

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Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville has given the local area a dash of the fine arts since 1996. They offer a variety of entertainment, both musical and theatrical, summer camps, children’s fine arts initiatives, and more. From now until May 1st, they will put on the world premiere of the Spanish language version of Barrio Hollywood by Elaine Romero. What a great opportunity for the Aurora Theatre and Gwinnett County!

The play centers on Alex Moreno, a Mexican-American boxer. Moreno dreams of fighting his way out of his poverty stricken neighborhood. However, an injury postpones Moreno’s dreams, and we follow his angst –ridden journey through a bi-racial romance, family loyalty and the true pursuit of happiness.

Aurora Theatre will present Barrio Hollywood in Spanish with English supertitles. This is a unique opportunity for native speakers to enjoy a local play in their own language. For those reading the supertitles, it will be similar to watching a foreign film with subtitles. Additionally, the play itself features an all Spanish cast composed of native speakers.



Joey Florez, Jr.                         Alex Moreno

Maria Sager                             Graciella Moreno

Sylvia Castro                            Amá

Alexandros Salazar                   Michael


Performances Thursday – Saturday at 8:00pm and Sunday at 2:30pm* from April 14th-May 1st

*No Show Easter Sunday April 24*

Tickets: $15


Barrio Hollywood is part of Aurora’s Teatro del Sol or Theatre of the Sun. Teatro del Sol is a Spanish language theatre project to preserve Hispanic cultural heritage in the local community. According to the US Census bureau’s website, Georgia ranks number 2 in the nation with 60% growth in Hispanic population since 2000. In response to the growing Hispanic population, Teatro del Sol endeavors to develop programs to reflect the growing cultural diversity in the community. Nearly 20% Gwinnett County’s population is Hispanic. Aurora Theatre’s own Producing Artistic Director, Anthony Rodriguez, is a first generation American of Cuban decent. The need to serve the Hispanic community in Gwinnett is an essential, passionate mission for Aurora Theatre.

Aurora Theatre’s Teatro del Sol has a strong history in presenting theatrical pieces that reflect the Hispanic community. In 2004, it produced Life is a Dream/La Vida es Sueño by Pedro Calderon de la Barca, the most well-known Spanish playwright to date. The show featured a bilingual cast and appeared during Aurora’s Mainstage season.  The cast performed both English and Spanish versions of the play to reach a wide range of viewers. In 2005, Aurora Theatre put on the play, 4 Guys Named Jose and una Mujer Named Maria. This was the first time the play was done in Georgia. This production, written to be performed in Spanish and English, was very successful, appealing to a broad spectrum in the community. Most recently in 2008, Aurora Theatre teamed up with the Peruvian Consulate to sponsor Peru: Land of the InKas – A night of dance and music.

Barrio Hollywood marks the newest production in a series of wonderful plays reflecting an important part of Gwinnett County’s cultural community. It is great to have a place like Aurora Theatre in Gwinnett that promotes not only the fine arts, but makes an effort to celebrate the cultural diversity of our community. To find out more about Aurora Theatre and future productions, visit their website. For more information on other unique, diverse opportunities in Gwinnett, visit my website and click on the Gwinnett Living Tab. Gwinnett is changing and presenting us with so many opportunities to learn about different cultures, all in the our local area!



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