Reports that Gwinnett County is Seeking Volunteers

Whether you are a student looking to add to your resume, a young person wanting to discover career opportunities, or a senior who wants an interesting volunteer opportunity, you may want to check out these great volunteer opportunities in Gwinnett County.

An officer from the police department describes it as a way for citizens to give back to their community while helping the county as it faces budget crunches in several areas. The plan includes the whole county that would let citizens work in nearly every department and participate in a variety of ways.

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The Director for the Community Emergency Response Team center says people could “come in and man a phone bank, answer telephone calls from other concerned citizens who are trying to get disaster related information. They could work at our front desk and check in people as they come to the center, making photocopies.” There are a variety of jobs and activities available.

At the police department, volunteers will get almost the same training the officers themselves get at the academy, though not quit as in depth. Training includes: firearms training, some driver’s training, and some exposure to subjects like criminal investigations, crime scene investigations, interviews, interrogations, etc.

Even the Gwinnett County Animal shelter is a place that you can volunteer if you’re looking for something more along the lines of helping our  furry friends. The possibilities within the program are endless.

The program simply requires participants to be 18 years of age, pass a background check, and commit to at least 24 hours of service a year (done at your discretion). The rewards include building your resume, gaining new skills, free training, and contributing to Gwinnett County’s welfare as a whole. Don’t be afraid to get out there and try something new to help your hometown and build up yourself in the process. It’s fantastic to see Gwinnett County using one of its best resources—its citizens.

Anyone interested in volunteering with the Gwinnett County Police Department can contact Sgt. Christina Schiralli at 770-513-5506 or by email at

To volunteer at Gwinnett County Animal Shelter you can check out this link and scroll down to the volunteer forms tab and follow the link to the form.


Find out more information about Gwinnett County and the amazing lifestyle available for residents at


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